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Dynamic Structure Trading

What is Dynamic Structure Trading?

Dynamic – adapts to recent market conditions and can be used in range-bound or trending markets
Structure – based on market structures of support/resistance, pivots, daily ranges, Elliot Wave, Fibonacci
Trading – a proprietary “Strength of Signal” system is used to qualify trades and determine position sizing for each trade

The Dynamic Structure Trading course was developed to take advantage of any market condition in any time frame. This allows us to trade based on structure, patterns, and “what we see” not “what we think”. Dynamic Structure Trading is a robust trading strategy for the serious trader looking to invest in a time-tested, highly profitable style of trading that can be applied across a broad range of time frames, charts and markets. These are tools that you will use in your trading ongoing, Day Trading or Position Trading in Futures (Gold, Oil, ES emini, TF, 6E, NQ) Forex FX Currency Markets, Stocks and Options. Take control of your finance management effectively and efficiently.